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Commenting builds community, drives engagement, provides valuable feedback, and increases search engine rankings. So why doesn't it exist for podcasts? Now it does. Podbabble automatically creates discussion boards for every episode of your show.

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listeners it

  • built for podcasts

    listeners can comment on specific moments and see discussions for every section of your show as the episode plays.

  • feature-rich

    podbabble lets users up and downvote comments, sort every episode's feed based on their criteria, share on social and much more.

  • one place to talk

    no more hunting for short-lived comments around web and social - Podbabble is one central, persistent place for episode discussions.

podcasters it

  • get verified as host

    podcasters can verify their ownership via the RSS feed's owner address and interact with their community as the official host.

  • moderate

    Foster healthy communities. - Podbabble lets you moderate, adjust ratings, and flag comments as you see fit.

  • access metrics

    learn more about your listeners with detailed stats on page views, comments, listeners, and visitors.

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verified, insightful & in control

join the conversation as verified host and gain access to metrics and moderation features for your discussion boards.

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you can cancel any time and export all your comments and other data

here's how it works:

  1. find your podcast below
  2. receive an email to the owner address in your podcast's RSS feed
  3. click on the link in the email and become a verified host
  4. try podbabble for hosts 30 days for free before comitting to anything
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